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The Goodbye-Love Generation
Kori Frazier Morgan

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Kent, Ohio, 1969: The Purple Orange is rapidly becoming one of the most popular bands in northeastern Ohio's thriving music scene. Guitarist Alex Johnson is struggling to escape his painful and abusive past through his musical ambitions, while their impulsive lead singer, Maddy Winters, is turning heads with her captivating voice and larger-than-life personality.

But when the shootings at Kent State in May, 1970 shatter the group and their expectations of stardom, they each must come to terms with how the tragedy defines their art, relationships, and politics—and how it will shape their identities in the years to come.

Set over a period of fifty years, The Goodbye-Love Generation explores the lives of its cast of interconnected characters as it examines not just the Vietnam era and its lingering effects, but the decisions we all must make for the future as we interpret the events of the past.

Praise for The Goodbye-Love Generation

"A novel of beautiful, searing stories that show us the insidious tentacles of war, and how they become part of the DNA we pass down through place and ravaged hearts."

— Rita Dragonette, Author of The Fourteenth of September

"A creative & imagistic rollercoaster [...] You will experience the heights of joy & fulfillment & the depths of sadness & failure [...] & find beauty in the flawed humanity of the characters that echoes our own experiences during & after tragedy."

—The Blue Mountain Review

"At its heart, this is a collection of vignettes that shows us how events shape not only our lives, but how their ripples travel through time and space to touch others in ways we couldn’t begin to imagine. It’s about reflection and impact and growth. And for Kent State alum, it’s about JB’s and The Venice and hanging out on Water Street."

—Amazon Reader Tara Reynolds

About the Author

Kori Frazier Morgan grew up in Kent, Ohio, where the events of The Goodbye Love Generation take place. Her work has appeared in Shenandoah, Switcback, Forge, Blanket Sea, SN Review, Rubbertop Review, Prick of the Spindle, Up the Staircase Quarterly, and more. She is also the author of a chapbook, Bone China Girls: A Poetic Account of a Female Crime and was nominated for Best of the Net 2020. She received her Master of Fine Arts in fiction writing at West Virginia University. 

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